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My software pages include freeware apps, some with licensed features, some cross-platform:

BackupCat: File backup application. Jul. 2021.
wxLeakyBin: Graphical memory leak detector. Updated March 8th, 2021.
WAVToCode: Generates C code from WAV files. Updated March 5, 2021.
GuidScreener: A GUID/UUID generator. Updated March 4, 2021.
Visual Colour Selector: Chooses colours (support for colour deficiencies). Update build 22nd Feb 2021.
CCTScribe: Schematic drawing and netlisting program. Updated February 5th, 2021.
RFProp: Radio wave propagation calculator. Updated January 19th, 2021.
IRCDSS: An IRCD server/simulator for Windows. Freeware version 1.3.0, with SSL/TLS, built January 7, 2021.
WinShoe: Multi-network IRC client. New freeware version 2.00, built November 2020.

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Electronic Engineering

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My electronics pages includes theory articles exploring the fundamentals of electronic engineering, and articles describing specific constructional projects.

There are articles on the fundamentals of electronics from valves (tubes) to semiconductors, ICs and SPICE modelling, and GPS systems

Constructional Articles include a 4-channel Sequencing Light Controller, a compact Digital TV Antenna for UK Freeview that you can hide in your loft, and a Geiger counter and ratemeter

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Photography Banner

Photographic subjects include the Brunel Museum and Thames Tunnel, some photographs of Chrissie Hynde at a concert by The Pretenders, photographs and diary from a visit to Albania in 1987, photographs taken in Israel and the Golan in 1989.

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Trams and Light Rail

Trams banner (Munich Tram)

These pages include photos of tram and light rail vehicles and related topics, including contributed commentary and photos from other people.

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Wall St. Crash car sale clip

News and articles about the financial and economic world. Topics include macro-economic factors such as debt, interest rates, investment classes, market manipulation, business cycles, bubbles, the risk of a stock market crash, and financial crises.

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