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These webpages include the main topics of software, electronics, photography and light rail.

Developing from an early interest in general science, I've been interested in electronics and software both from a hobby perspective and in my professional career. This site contains a range of resources such as software applications, and informative or constructional articles on electronics mostly relating to those long-standing interests.

This site was completely rebuilt in 2016 using responsive web design, and new material has been added including new software apps, and additions to many of the previously published articles. From November 2019, new pages will be adopting HTML5.

In December 2019 I updated and included tram and light rail pages from my archives going back to 1995, which includes historical information, photos from my travels, and additional material contributed by previous readers.

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My software pages include the following:

  • IRCDSS: A freeware IRCD server and channel simulator for Windows.
  • BackupCat: An easy-to-use backup application that runs in the background.
  • Visual Colour Selector: An application for compiling palettes of colours that are optimised for colour separation, including options for people with colour deficiencies. Available cross-platform for Windows, Linux and macOS X.
  • wxLeakyBin: A graphical tool to assist in identifying even small memory leaks quickly in Windows, with update speeds 5 times faster than Task Manager.
  • GuidScreener: A GUID/UUID generator available cross-platform for Windows, Linux and macOS X (freeware).
  • CCTScribe: A freeware circuit/schematic drawing and netlisting program capable of creating decent quality schematics and drawings and also able to export netlists for PCB layout and SPICE modelling.
  • WAVToCode: A freeware audio format converter that generates C code format from WAV files, enabling sound effects to be incorporated in embedded processor code.
  • RFProp: A freeware Windows program that calculates the radio wave propagation signal budget applicable to many kinds of VHF, UHF, microwave and satellite communications.
  • WinShoe IRC Client: This IRC client can connect to multiple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks, and works on Windows XP, 7 and 10.
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Electronic Engineering

Digital TV Antenna

My electronics pages includes theory articles exploring the fundamentals of electronic engineering, and articles describing specific constructional projects.

There are articles on the fundamentals of electronics from valves (tubes) to semiconductors, ICs and SPICE modelling, and GPS systems

Constructional Articles include a 4-channel Sequencing Light Controller, a compact Digital TV Antenna for UK Freeview that you can hide in your loft, and a Geiger counter and ratemeter

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The Pretenders

Photographic subjects include the Brunel Museum and Thames Tunnel, some photographs of Chrissie Hynde at a concert by The Pretenders, photographs and diary from a visit to Albania in 1987, photographs taken in Israel and the Golan in 1989.

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Trams and Light Rail

Munich Tram

These pages include photos of tram and light rail vehicles and related topics, including contributed commentary and photos from other people.

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