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Revision History for IRCDSS


IRCDSS was started in 2018, built on top of a new sockets layer built on Winsock V2.2 and designed to support IPv6 and Unicode, 32 and 64 bit platforms, and the development of new IRC client software.

IRCDSS History

1.0: May 2018

Initial version.

1.1: June 8th 2018

Fixed missing received data if peer sends a short message and closes socket immediately after sending data.

Fixed hang when used with an IRC client running slowly under DrMemory.

1.2: September 30th 2018

Fixed CTCP NOTICE error being forwarded as a PRIVMSG instead of a NOTICE.

Fixed crash when closing client due to sending on a closed socket.

Fixed Numeric RPL_ISUPPORT 005 which had too many parameters, reducing the number of parameters and limiting them to the ones defined in Modes listed by CHANMODES don't include ones accounted for by the default PREFIX.

Fixed MODE error that failed to issue a valid MODE command when a "+vvv" or "+ooo" setting is used but only gives the parameter for the first mode letter. Now sends a ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS 461 numeric for "Not enough parameters", and a MODE command for the valid mode letter.

Now ignores silently (without issuing a reply for a missing parameter) if a MODE -k is issued with no parameter, as is common practice.

Removed spurious new lines from PRIVMSG and CTCP ACTION messages from simulated users.

Changed web site in About() to

1.3: February 28th 2019 - December 2020

Added support for SSL/TLS server using OpenSSL version 1.1.1b

Added NOTICE for "...You are connected using SSL cipher..."

Added numeric 671 " using a secure connection..." for WHOIS list

Fixed problem when a client sent a NOTICE to a non-existent channel triggering an exception.

Fixed problem with a line from a client with Unicode chars at the end of the line triggering an exception.

OpenSSL version updated to 1.1.1h

About box now shows three version number digits.

OS and memory information rendered unreliable by Windows changes removed from About box.

Fixed non-working About box accelerator keys (Alt+/ or Alt+?)