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Revision History for Visual Colour Selector


8th March 2017: First software release.

9th March 2017: Help files updated.

23rd April 2017: Combines duplicate RGB values in Selected palette as in colour definition file.

10th August 2017: Fixed window title not being updated when a file was opened in an existing colour definition file window.

MAC version added.

Added light and dark palette pages to show the foreground/background palettes separately.

Added save palette option to popups for selected, filtered, light and dark palettes, and open palette menu command for X11, JASC PAL, ACO, ASE and GIMP formats.

Added a right-click option to edit colour names / colour values in palette grids.

Added auto-saving for processed palettes and optimiser settings, and a reset to defaults button for random colour generation.

February 2021: Removed registration and licensing requirements and associated restrictions

Windows only build

Fixed reinterpret_cast file format conversion warning

Added example palette files for "Open Palette" command

Updated help files