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This page contains contact information for general usage (correspondence, information, comments, inquiries). It also contains Paypal links for convenient software licensing etc.

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If you need to disable Javascript, the contact form may not work, in which case just open a new message in your email client, and write the address that is shown in the following image into the "to" address of the message:

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Alternatively, write the word that is shown in the following image into the "to" address of the message, append an at sign ('@') and then append "" (this is the older email address referenced in some downloads):

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Payments for software licence keys, donations for website upkeep etc. can be made through the following links. When you reach the PayPal website, you can check there is a secure "https" connection and that the site has a valid SSL certificate.

Payments for licence keys

Please check that the correct amount for the licence key is shown when you get to Paypal's site. The amount that is preset for the link is for one licence key. If you require multiple licence keys, please enter the amount per licence key multiplied by the number of licence keys.

Licence key for BackupCat: £10 each
Licence key for Visual Colour Selector: £10 each

For conversion to other currencies, please see Currency Converter, set the first field to 10, the second to "GBP - British Pound", the third to your own currency, then press the round button to convert, and use the resulting conversion on the same day that you apply for the licence key.

Legacy licence keys

New licence keys for CCTScribe (old version are free of charge, just send me your product key using the contact form or email.


If you found your visit to this website worthwhile enough to consider making a donation towards its upkeep, any amount you choose to donate, using the button below, will be most welcome and will be highly appreciated.

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