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Bendigo Tramway Photos

This page covers specifically tramways in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


Note: All photos and information about the Bendigo Tramway on this Bendigo Tramway Photos page are from Bill Winn.

The tram system closed in April 1972 as a public service, but a group of dedicated people got together and saved the trams and one third of the original track, and it is now run as a tourist tramway, which started as such in December 1972.


Bendigo Tramways Depot People

This photo, taken at the Bendigo Tramways Depot on 30:10:96, shows Bill second from the right, back row.

Fan layout of Depot

This photo, taken on 30:10:96, shows Fan layout of Depot; here are six roads and each road can hold four bogie trams or seven single truck trams (ie Birneys). The depot shed was pre-manufactured in England by Dorman and Long of Middlesex then shipped out and erected in 1920.

Toastrack car No. 17

This photo, taken 1976, shows open toast rack or summer car No. 17; this one was the only tram built new in 1917 in Adelaide by Duncan and Fraser (which was the only tram building company in Australia then). All other trams came to Bendigo either second or third hand. Incidentally Bendigo calls this their most modern tram as it is fully air conditioned.

No. 19 Californian Car

This photo, taken 1976, shows No. 19 Californian Car, which has a large over hang both ends thus giving a rocky ride, and very easily to derail if passengers were clowning about on the platforms. The Shamrock hotel can be seen in the background, photo taken in Pall Mall (Main Street) Bendigo. This tram was mainly used in Melbourne in its heyday and then later on the all night service before coming to Bendigo in the 1940’s for regular service.

Bill as Driver

This photo shows Bill as the driver at entrance to Tram Depot, this tram was driven by Prince Charles when he visited Bendigo in 1977.

Five Birneys in Tramways Avenue

This photo, taken 1976, shows the five Birneys in Tramways Avenue with tram depot behind last tram. Nos. in order are 11, 15, 30, 302 and 28.

Birneys in Pall Mall

This photo, taken 1976, shows the same trams as the previous one, in Pall Mall with R.S.L. Hall in background. The Shamrock Hotel is to the lower left of photo.

Tram for Kids' Parties

This photo, taken 1980, shows a tram, sponsored by "Guess who" for kids' parties, and it proves very popular.

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