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This page contains links to sites that have information about tram and light rail networks of general interest, e.g. compilations not limited to specific countries but spanning the world, and technical information generally applicable to light rail. This may include contributions from third parties, and links of general interest.

General Interest Topics

Vehicle photos, maps, and history, organised by country, region and date.

General description and parent page of the above site. Site authored by Gábor Sándi.

Wikipedia Listing
List of tram and light rail transit systems from Wikipedia

Tramway Information Web Site

Tramway Information
Information about all aspects of Tramways. Note that some pages initially seem empty, but photos can be seen by using links on a sidebar on the right.

International Light Rail Magazine
Tramways and Urban Transit - The International Light Rail Magazine. News, Features, Events.

Transportation History: The Trolley, Tram and Streetcar
This article presents a concise guide to the trolley, tram and streetcar, including links to other history and museum sites with brief descriptions of each.

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